The piano ain’t got no wrong notes
— Thelonious Monk

Monks is a pop-up listening-room event series curating a concert series of the best and emerging improvisational jazz groups and bandleaders that Central Texas has to offer, as well as many touring artists!

Hosting each event at various art galleries, motorcycle/bicycle shops, and other unassuming venues, we strive to offer an alternative to loud bars and high dollar performance halls, providing a clear environment to listen intently, enjoy top shelf beverages from local breweries and distilleries, and provide a melting pot for artists and patrons alike to join in the spirit of music.


Having hosted over 54 concerts since our inception in September 2016, we are working hard to produce these shows at a regular pace of bi-weekly or more, eventually looking to land in a dedicated brick and mortar in the coming months.

Stay tuned for the full expression of the Monks team and a joint that can foster many more musicians and create an environment steeped in jazz history, fine foods and beverages, and a hospitality catering to all kinds of people to bring them home to this rich culture. 

Photographs featuring Kory Cook, Andrew Bergmann, Daniel Miller, and Edward Vasquez.